Hello everyone !

I come with good news, the new version of Skyrim Online is moving forward quite fast, I managed to get animations working (which is what got us stuck of 2 years !). You won't get a release build with animations for a while but now we can move forward with the actual mod !

Here is a release with animations disabled :
As usual you need ScriptDragon and SKSE, use skse's loader to play it !

This version is an early release of the Cpp (C++) build and so far only contains chat.
There is no ability to see other players!
Follow the development here:

Cheers !


I pushed the new website layout live, So everyone is eligible to enjoy SO3.
Many bugs can still occur tho, Theme was only tested by myself and I simply can't test every single page and feature to see if it works as it should,

Updates will occur in the upcoming weeks, I'd like to ask this dear community to send me a private message whenever something out of the ordinary occurs, or when something obviously doesn't look like it should look like.

Happy Gaming!

- Skorm

Posted by: Skorm - 11-28-2014